Protea Placemats

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💥We do monthly workshops

💥First and Second Wednesday of the Month and

💥 Two Saturdays of each Month

in 💥 Gauteng South Africa for all those who would like to join us and learn or just have fun.

About Kreatiewe Fantasy

💥Welcome to Kreatiewe Fantasy! 💥We are the providers of quality arts and 💥crafts products, 💥specializing in silkscreen-printed fabric paint products. 💥Let your creativity run free with our wide range of 💥products,💥 supplies, 💥classes, and  💥offers!

Our Designs

💥Since 2021 we have added designs by 💥Kreatiewe Fantasy. Prior designs are from 💥Artist Tharina Odendaal 💥Copyrighted to Kreatiewe Fantasy.

Our Products

💥All our products are made of good quality material 💥prewashed and 💥preshrunk. We buy premade 💥shopping bags, 💥tea towels and 💥potholders.

Our Painted Gifts

💥We love to paint but cannot always keep every item we paint. 💥So we have painted gifts for those who want to decorate their house or 💥give a unique handmade gift.

Our 2022 New Designs

Our 2021 New Designs

These are our design categories

Our Product Range

Calendars Orders Jul – Dec

💥Order the next years calendar from💥 July to end of November. 💥 Almost all patterns can be printed on the calendars.

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We host Workshops

Every 💥 First and Second Wednesday and 💥Two Saturdays of each month